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I cannot help but notice some of these dumb ads that are all around random websites, such as newgrounds. Some of them bring a smile to my face, others really need work, and a small few make it into my airhead conversations confusing everyone in the room around me.

So, let's say you had had unlimited HP, MP, and a badass collection of killer spells, combined with an AWESOME wonder weapon. Who would you rather fight? Broccoli or the beholder??

Just because im immature doesn't make me a TOTAL douchebag here, but I would TOTALLY rather fight broccoli. Why? Because broccoli is truly evil. It is part of a conspiracy of disgusting and vomit evoking foods known to humans as vegetables. The vegetables have a tendency to smell bad when cooked. They have an eerie texture which just seems to push the "vomit" button on anyone who has a tuned gag reflex. They're slimy. They taste like death that's been sitting in a coffin for a few millenniums. Nobody eats vegetables if they don't have to. There are so many more savory foods to eat. Yet still, mothers and some school everywhere are trying to shove these repulsive icons of disgust, such as broccoli, down our throats. Why? I think this is another one of broccoli's little conspiracies with the other vegetables. They want to dominate us...

So yes, i would just love to put an end to this evil vegetable. No matter how innocently our parents portray them by calling them "little trees" or something cutesy like that; we all still know THEY ARE EVIL. VERY EVIL.

On the other hand, we have the beholder. Yeah it's scary looking. Okay. I get it. Thing is, the beholder isn't a current threat to the real world right now. Maybe to some virtual worlds, but there is NO evidence or proof that the beholder is a real threat to the world at this moment. Broccoli has been trying to take over the world for quite a while now. I find it rather scary. I want to fight the broccoli, okay?

What do YOU think?
I think you should write it in my comments :]

Playing with fire?? =D

2009-10-20 22:11:15 by c0l0rfullx3

Ive learned recently how to play with a lighter.
They are fun little toys, they make a pretty light and they burn things =D
They also make candles smell better.. and more potent.. =D
i wonder why i never learned to use lighters earlier...
Lighters are awesome because they look so awesome.
The best lighters have the adjustable flame thinger so you can make the fire shoot into the air =D
I dont like the little bic lighters that much.. although the flame is O K....
they're not half as fun to play with as the ones with the switches.. i like putting my lighters on turbo.. =D
It's fun!

So I Hear People Hate me?

2009-10-11 21:57:17 by c0l0rfullx3

So I hear people hate me.
Captain Obvious told me a few days ago.
Too bad I already knew.
Well anyways. I don't care if you hate me :]
Hate can be alot of fun, sometimes.

I feel special [ed]

2009-10-10 13:24:24 by c0l0rfullx3

im in philly doing nothing in particular XD
i feel special ED.
Do you have a pen fifteen?

I dont want to sleep :]

2009-10-07 20:52:36 by c0l0rfullx3

Im challenging myself to a triple all nighter.
No caffine, no stimulants, no sleep!! =D
I hope i can make it !! =D

I am feeling obnoxious

2009-10-02 23:57:39 by c0l0rfullx3

I love this site; and i bring you this broadcast to enlighten you of the following:
I am feeling obnoxious and violent.
I want to play games where I can shoot hillarious looking things without getting killed myself.
Anyone got any cookies? Like.. the peanut butter ones... with the chocolate chips?
Yeah.. that's it..